Embrace Your Grace

This excerpt (which I recently found out was part of a promo for the show Saving Grace) was inspiration for the essence and name of my coaching business.

I wanna bust the world wide open.
The way you do when you're filled with youth.
I wanna engage with people, and lovers and cops,
I wanna be physical and I also wanna ask the big questions.
I wanna taste the tastes and fix the problems,
I wanna run headlong into chaos and bad guys and darkness and pranks and fun.
And Laugh, Laugh, Laugh!
I wanna be the best friend and the greatest aunt and the most complicated daughter.
I wanna be the mystery in the room and I wanna be known.
Embrace your Grace

Though I do not know the author that created this poem, it has always spoken to me.

I love how honest it is and how it speaks directly to taking charge of life. When I read this, I feel a wealth of opportunity and though this big world can make me feel small, we all have a right to live our life wide open.

This idea makes me feel alive and I get an image of putting my armor on to fight for what I want. The most beautiful part is at the end of the poem, I can engage, be physical, battle chaos, laugh and be known all by doing one simple thing…. embracing MY grace…embracing ME!

This poem encourages me to practice more self-love and to truly own my presence in this world. I even tattooed the phrase Embrace Your Grace on my arm. It is a visual reminder of the armor I have on every day and when I look it, it confidently tells me…you got this!

Yes, my actual name is in the title, which of course resonates, but I believe it speaks to anyone that needs an extra push to take that first step toward what they truly want in life:

If you want to embrace your grace, reach out to me for a complimentary coaching session.

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