Grace believed in me when I struggled to do so. She not only understood my perspective but helped me explore my situation from the outside looking in. Grace helped me discover my self-confidence and helped me transform my perspective on life and my own potential. She was my biggest ally and empowered me to take the risks I’ve always wanted to take.
— Ben K.
Grace has been very effective in helping coach specific situations in both professional and personal relationships. Her ability to listen and ask thoughtful questions resulted in getting me focused on the actions needed to resolve my original goals.
— Dan O.
Grace has a natural ability to connect with others. She challenges you to think differently and explore the answers to questions that are not often asked. She cares deeply about people and wants everyone to be their best selves, and knows how to help you get there. Grace will hold you accountable for the goals you set for yourself. She takes her coaching role very seriously, and is so kind, honest and down to earth. Honestly, I can’t say enough about her, she is hands down one of the best people I know.
— Sarah D.